We, Thermo Cables Ltd, being a good corporate citizen assumes its business and ethical responsibility to create a clean environment, safe & healthy workplace for its employees. We are committed to this corporate citizenship goal.
To achieve this,
1. We shall aspire for continuous improvement in all our activities including Environment, Health & Safety (ENS).
2. We shall not merely remain in compliance with all applicable laws & requisitions pertaining to ENS, but strive to go beyond.
3. We being a Cable manufacturing unit located in Industrial setting, are committed to reducing waste & promoting recycling and reuse of all the inevitable waste streams.
4. We shall strive to prevent pollution and to minimize the environmental costs and Impacts.
5. We in order to strengthen the concern and commitment of our employees train and motivate them to understand their EHS responsibilities.
6. Ensure EHS Awareness and competence at all levels through appropriate training to handle and that they adhere to all EHS requirements proactively towards ensuring clean environment, safe & healthy workplace for them as well as others.
7. We are committed to dovetail ENS considerations in planning and executing new projects, products and processes and up gradation of existing products and processes.
8. We at Thermo Cables Ltd will be willing to share all the information and expertise relating to EHS including our EHS Policy, Objectives and targets with our employees, customers.
9. Adopt measures and processes that focus on the prevention of occupation-related accidents, incidents, injuries, illnesses and strive to continuously improve such processes and communicate it to all our employees.
10. Communicate, involve, and consult at the operators level in the provision of facilities and ensure their commitment and participation in the implementation of policies and processes.