Foundation Fieldbus Cables

These Cables are meant for bi-directional communications protocol used for communications among field devices and to the control system. Installed in many process applications such as refining, petrochemicals, power generation, even in food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and nuclear applications.

Voltage Grade - 300 V / 600 V
Conductor - Plain/Tinned Annealed Copper (up to 120 Deg. C)
Silver Plated Annealed Copper (up to 200 Deg. C)
Nickel Plated Annealed Copper (up to 260 Deg. C)
Range - 22 AWG / 18 AWG / 16 AWG / 14 AWG
Insulation - Solid Polyethylene/ XLPE / PFA for temp. >150 Deg. C
Screening - Individual and/or overall with following options -
- Aluminum Mylar/Copper Tape with Tinned Copper Drain Wire or
- Braided with Bare or Tinned or Nickel Plated or Silver Plated Copper
Armouring - Round Galvanized Steel Wire / Flat Strip / Steel Wire Braid
Outer Sheath - PVC/HR PVC/FR PVC/FRLS PVC/ZHFR/LSF/FEP/PFA with Plain Orange
Jacket or with strip for easy identification and Blue jacket available for
Intrinsically Safe applications
Standards - Cable specification Foundation Fieldbus FF-844 H1,
Cable design based on EN 50288-7/BS-5308 Part 1, IEC 60332
Electrical properties: FF-844 H1 and IEC 61158-2, Type A
Our FF Cable Features - Excellent Electrical Charateristics
Low Capacitance (for long runs)
RoHs compliant and CE marked

Technical Data