Special Navy Cables

VG 952 18 Part 61 - 66 - Power Navy Cables, Light Power Navy Cables, Telecommunication Navy Cables, Light telecommunication Navy Cables

Construction - Multicore Cables, Multi Pair Cables Unscreened or Individually Screened or Collectively Screened (Optional GI braided armoured) Limited Fire Hazard Sheathed.
Conductor - Circular Annealed Bare Copper conductor.
Insulation - EPR/ HEPR as per relevant spec.
Screening   Annealed Tinned Copper Braid, Individually Screened or Collectively Screened as per relevant spec.
Outer Sheath - LFH Elastomeric Thermoset Compound
Temperature Range - -30° C to +90° C
Application - For Use on board surface ships and crafts and power, control, lighting, submarines for communication and instrumentation circuits.