CRD and Trailing Cables

These cables are used in conveyor machinery such as transfer cars, boom-stackers, side arm chargers, bulk material conveyors etc.

They find application in almost every industry segment like Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Docks, Power Plants, Automobile Industries & Refineries and Petrochemicals.

Construction - Single cable comprising multiple elements like power cores, control
cores, signaling pairs, etc for multipurpose functions.
Voltage Grade - 600/1100 V-AC
Conductor - Class-5 flexible tinned or bare copper
Insulation - EPR
Screening - Tinned or bare copper wire braid
Inner Sheath - HOFR- Elastomer
Anti Kink Braid - Fabric braid embedded between inner and outer sheath
Outer Sheath - HOFR Elastomer
Features - Designed to withstand continuous reeling and unreeling
Sheath materials that have a high degree of flex fatigue resistance
Excellent heat, oil and fire resistant properties
Operating Temperature - -20 Deg C to +90 Deg C
Test Voltage - 2500 V-AC
Bending Radius - 10 D
Core Marking - 1-5 cores colour coded as Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey or
Coloured Rubberised cotton tapes. 6 cores and above with numbered
cores, with one earth core of Green/Yellow.
Standards - IEC-60228, IEC-60502, IEC-60332