Telephone Cables

These cables will be with 0.5 or 0.63 mm dia ATC Conductor with 0.3 to 0.4 mm Insulation thickness of PVC or HR PVC. Individual pair may be with or without polyester tape lapping. The cables will be Unarmoured for indoor applications and Armoured for outdoor applications and are with or without Screening.

Co-axial Cables

The Cable will be constructed with one Conductor (Normally ATC) with LDPE as Primary Insulation. A woven Mesh ( Braiding) surrounding the Insulated Core forms the second Conductor and Outer PVC Sheathing will be done above Braiding.

These Cables are used for VHF (Very High Frequency) Signal transmission.

Super Flexible Battery Cables

Rope-lay stranded, flexible class 6 bare copper conductors, insulated with flexible elastomer compound. To be used for inter connection of batteries (jumper cables) in moving platforms such as electric forklifts, golf carts or cother battery powered vehicles.

Cables for Metro Rail

LT Power and Control, Fire Resistant/Survival Cables, Signalling Cables, BMS Cables, Fire Alram Cables, for Elevated & Underground Stations as per National and International Standards.