Wind Power CABLES

Torsion Cables

These cables are used for transmitting power from the generator mounted in the nacelle of the wind tower to base station. These are flexible cables made of special elastomeric compounds, so as to meet the torsional stresses exerted on the cable due to rotation of the nacelle in relation to wind direction.

Voltage Grade - 600 V / 1100 V
Conductor - Flexible class-5 tinned or bare copper
conductors, made to IEC-60228/IS-8130
Range (Single Core) - 10 Sq mm to 300 Sq mm
Insulation - EPR - in conformance to IEC-60502/ IS-6380
Sheath - Special elastomer compound with Oil, Fire,
Hydrolysis and Torsion Resistant properties.
(Zero halogen sheath available on request)
Maximum conductor temperature (continuous) - + 90 Deg C
Short circuit temperature(max) for up to 5 seconds - + 250 Deg C
Maximum permissible tensile load on cable - 15 N/mm2
Torsion anglex - ± 100° per meter
Minimum bending radiusx - 8 D

Control & Instrumentation Cables

These Cables are used in Wind Energy applications such as rotor blade pitch control, Yaw control, Top box, Anemometer feed back, Remote data logging etc. Construction of Cables shall be as per Customers' requirement and conforming to various National/International Standards.