Foundation Fieldbus Cables

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Foundation Fieldbus Cables

Thermo Cables takes pride in the precision engineering of Foundation Fieldbus Cables, specializing in the production of cables designed for robust bi-directional communication protocols connecting field devices to control systems. Our expertise extends to crafting cables that are strategically utilized in diverse process applications, ranging from refining and petrochemicals to power generation, and extending into sensitive sectors like food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and nuclear applications.

At Thermo Cables, we lead the industry in manufacturing Foundation Fieldbus Cables that not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of modern communication systems. As a trusted name in the field, our cables are designed to ensure seamless communication, reliability, and optimal performance in challenging industrial environments.

Voltage Grade 300 V / 600 V
Plain / Tinned Annealed Copper (up to 120° C)
Silver Plated Annealed Copper (up to 200° C)
Nickel Plated Annealed Copper (up to 260° C)
22 AWG / 18 AWG / 16 AWG / 14 AWG
Insulation Solid Polyethylene / XLPE / PFA for temp. > 150° C
Screening Individual and/or overall with following options –
– Aluminum Mylar/Copper Tape with Tinned Copper Drain Wire or
– Braided with Bare or Tinned or Nickel Plated or Silver Plated Copper
Inner Sheath PVC / HR PVC / FR PVC / FRLS PVC / ZHFR / LSF / FEP / PFA
Armouring Round Galvanized Steel Wire / Flat Strip / Steel Wire Braid
Outer Sheath PVC / HR PVC / FR PVC/ FRLS PVC/ ZHFR/ LSF/ FEP/ PFA with Plain Orange
Jacket or with strip for easy identification and Blue jacket available for
Intrinsically Safe applications
Standards Cable specification Foundation Fieldbus FF-844 H1,
Cable design based on EN 50288-7 / BS-5308 Part 1, IEC-60332
Electrical properties: FF-844 H1 and IEC-61158-2, Type A
Our FF Cable Features Excellent Electrical Charateristics
Low Capacitance (for long runs)
RoHs compliant and CE marked

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