LV Power & Control Cables

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LV Power & Control Cables

Construction Single core / Multicore
Voltage Grade Up to 1800 / 3300 V AC
Conductor Aluminum / Copper, Solid / Standard / Flexible Conductor
Range Single core up to 1000 Sq mm
Multicore up to 400 Sq mm
Max 61 cores of 1.5, 2.5, 4.0 & 6.0 Sq mm
Primary Insulation General Purpose PVC / Heat Resistant PVC / LDPE / XLPE / EPR / HEPR
Armouring GI Round Wire / Flat Strip or GI / SS Wire Braiding, Non-Magnetic Armour / Braiding for Single Core
Outer Sheath General purpose PVC / HRPVC / FRLS PVC / ZHFR / LSF
Standards IS-694, IS-1554 (Part-I), IS-7098 (Part-I), IEC-60502-1 & BS-6346, BS-5467,IEC-60227,

BS-6004, IEC-60332-1, IEC-60332-3-22,23,24

Optional Bedding  Aluminium Tape + HDPE + Polyamide Sheath for alternate Lead Sheath Cables 
Core Identification
Cores shall be identified by different colours of PVC insulation. Following colour scheme shall be adopted
1 Core Black or Any Single colour
2 Core Red and Black
3 Core Red, Yellow & Blue
4 Core Red, Yellow, Blue & Black
5 Core Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Grey
6 Cores & above Two adjacent cores (counting and direction core) in each layer, Blue &
Yellow, remaining cores Grey
In addition to these, combinations from the following colours can also be offered – Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Violet, White, Yellow. Alternately, any single colour insulation on all cores with number printing can also be provided.
Designation Code
Y PVC insulation
W Steel round wire armour
F Steel strip armour
WW Steel double round wire armour
FF Steel double strip armour
Y PVC outer sheath
Wa Non-magnetic round wire armour
A Aluminium conductor

No Abbreviations used when the conductor material is Copper.

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