On Board Indian Naval Ships and Crafts Cables

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On Board Indian Naval Ships and Crafts Cables

We specialize in manufacturing cables specifically designed for onboard applications in Indian Naval ships and crafts. These cables are engineered for a wide range of functions, including power distribution, lighting, control systems, communication, and instrumentation onboard surface ships, submarines, and crafts. Our cables are adept at operating in diverse environments, including those involving fuel and lubrication oils, hydraulic fluids, and water surfaces. With a focus on reliability and versatility, our products play a critical role in supporting the intricate power and communication systems essential for the functioning of naval vessels.

Standards EED – 50 – 12 – Thin Walled, Insulated, Electron Beam Cross Linked
irradiated Electric Cables
EED – 50 -13 – Fire Survival, High Temperature Zone, Fire Retardant
Halogen Free Sheathed Electron Beam Cross Linked
Single Core, Multi Core, Multi Pair & Triad Cables, Unscreened / Individually
Screened or Collectively Screened
Voltage Grade 440 V AC, 600 V AC and 1800 V AC (for Single Core Cables)
Conductor Circular Electroplated, Annealed Tinned Flexible (Class V) Copper Conductor
conformity to IEC -60228
Temperature Range -65º C to 120º C (EED 50-12 Cables)
-30º C to 120º C (EED 50-13 Cables)
Insulation Electron Beam Cross Linked Polyolefin compound (EPR / EPDM LFH) / Silicone Rubber
Screening Annealed Tinned Copper / GI Wire Braids
Outer Sheath Electron Beam Cross Linked Polyolefin Compound (EVA / EMA / EEA LFH)
Protective Barrier Fibre Glass Braid / Lacquer Mica glass tape to meet the Fire Performance (applicable for EED 50-13 Cables)

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