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Co-Axial Cables (RG Series)

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Co-Axial Cables (RG Series)

Radio Frequency or Signal Transmission Cables, Polyethylene Dielectric Insulation & Sheath material with Halogen Free, Fire Retardant with low smoke generation and low toxic properties.

SpecificationDef Stan 02-512 (Part-5) & customer specification
ConstructionSingle Core, Multi Core Cables, Unscreened Collectively Screened
Primary ConductorABC / ATC / SPC & special conductors like CCS (Copper Clad Steel) etc
Temperature Range-30° C to +120° C
InsulationPolyethylene / FEP Dielectric Compound.
Outer ConductorAluminium Mylar Tape / Annealed Tinned / Bare Copper Braid if applicable
Outer SheathSpecial halogen free and fire retardant with low smoke generation and low toxic properties with E-beam curing process
Type of CablesRG-11, RG-213, RG-188 etc
ApplicationFor use of VHF (Very High Frequency) signal transmission

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