Co-Axial Cables (RG Series)

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Co-Axial Cables (RG Series)

Thermo Cables, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Co-Axial Cables, specializes in the production of cables designed for optimal Radio Frequency (RF) and signal transmission. Our Co-Axial Cables, belonging to the RG series, boast superior performance and reliability in various applications.

These specialized cables feature Polyethylene Dielectric Insulation, ensuring efficient signal propagation and minimizing signal loss. The outer sheath material is carefully crafted with a Halogen-Free, Fire Retardant composition, providing a crucial safety element. In the event of a fire, our cables exhibit low smoke generation and low toxic properties, contributing to a safer environment.The incorporation of Halogen-Free materials not only enhances fire safety but also aligns with environmental considerations.

Whether your applications involve telecommunications, broadcasting, or other RF-dependent systems, Thermo Cables’ Co-Axial Cables offer a reliable and efficient solution for your connectivity needs.

Specification Def Stan 02-512 (Part-5) & customer specification
Construction Single Core, Multi Core Cables, Unscreened Collectively Screened
Primary Conductor ABC / ATC / SPC & special conductors like CCS (Copper Clad Steel) etc
Temperature Range -30° C to +120° C
Insulation Polyethylene / FEP Dielectric Compound.
Outer Conductor Aluminium Mylar Tape / Annealed Tinned / Bare Copper Braid if applicable
Outer Sheath Special halogen free and fire retardant with low smoke generation and low toxic properties with E-beam curing process
Type of Cables RG-11, RG-213, RG-188 etc
Application For use of VHF (Very High Frequency) signal transmission

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