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Wind Power Cables

Torsion Cables

Torsion cables play a crucial role in the efficient transmission of power from the generator located within the nacelle of a wind tower to the base station. Thermo Cables have specifically designed Torsion Cables to navigate the challenging torsional stresses induced by the rotational movement of the nacelle in response to changes in wind direction. Crafted from specialized elastomeric compounds, these flexible cables are engineered to withstand and adapt to the torsional forces encountered during the rotation of the nacelle, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in the demanding environment of wind energy generation.

Voltage Grade 600 V / 1100 V
Conductor Flexible class-5 tinned or bare copper conductors, made to IEC-60228 / IS-8130
Range (Single Core) 10 Sq mm to 300 Sq mm
Insulation EPR – in conformance to IEC-60502 / IS-6380
Sheath Special elastomer compound with Oil, Fire, Hydrolysis and Torsion Resistant properties.
(Zero halogen sheath available on request)
Maximum conductor temperature (continuous) + 90° C
Short circuit temperature(max) for up to 5 seconds + 250° C
Maximum permissible tensile load on cable 15 N / mm2
Torsion anglex +100º per meter
Minimum bending radiusx 8 D

Control & Instrumentation Cables

Control and Instrumentation Cables find essential applications within the realm of Wind Energy, serving pivotal roles in functions like rotor blade pitch control, Yaw control, Top box operations, Anemometer feedback systems, Remote data logging, and more. Thermo Cables has constructed these cables to meet the specific requirements of customers, adhering to a comprehensive array of both national and international standards. The design and composition of these cables are precisely engineered to seamlessly integrate into the complex and dynamic environment of wind energy applications, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and compliance with the highest industry benchmarks. The versatile adaptability of these cables makes them indispensable components in the intricate network that facilitates the effective and precise control and instrumentation processes within wind energy systems..

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