H07RN-F-Heavy Duty Rubber Cables

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H07RN-F-Heavy Duty Rubber Cables

Thermo Cables manufactures top-quality H07RN-F Heavy Duty Rubber Cables, designed for versatile applications in generators, heavy machinery, portable power tools, and equipment, as well as moving machinery exposed to wet, hot, or oily environments.

Our heavy-duty elastomer cables stand out for their exceptional flexibility, allowing them to be employed in constricted spaces with sharp and complex bends. Thermo Cables ensures that these cables are not only adaptable but also resilient, making them well-suited for use in demanding conditions.

Thermo Cables goes the extra mile by offering options with special abrasion-resistant sheaths, enhancing their durability to withstand rough usage in portable equipment. When you choose Thermo Cables, you’re choosing reliability and durability in heavy-duty rubber cables, ensuring optimal performance in challenging environments.

Voltage Grade 450 / 750 V AC
Bare or tinned flexible class-5 conductors as per IEC-60228/1
Range Single Core: up to 300 Sq mm
Multi Core: 1 Sq mm – 2.5 Sq mm up to 61cores
4 Sq mm – 6 Sq mm up to 19 cores
10 Sq mm – 300 Sq mm up to 5 cores
Insulation EPR
Sheath Black heavy duty elastomer
Temperature Range -25° C to + 85° C
Colour Coding 1-5 cores colour coded as Green / Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey or Coloured Rubberised cotton tapes. 6 cores or more with numbered cores and earth core of Green / Yellow.

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