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High Temperature Cables

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High Temperature Cables

High temperature cables are used in areas where both working temperatures and ambient temperatures are too high. They are made with a wide range of conductors, insulating materials and screening materials depending on the temperatures and conditions under which the cable has to perform.

Single core high temperature hook-up wires & Multi core / Multi pair, Screened & Unscreened and Armoured & Unarmoured cables:


Insulation MaterialTemperature RangeCharacteristics
Special High Temperature Yarn -72 to 1000° C Heat and high temperature resistance.
PTFE-200° C to 260° CExcellent chemical resistance. High temperature stability.
FEP-200° C to 200° CGood chemical resistance. Thin wall insulation due to good electrical properties.
PFA-200° C to 250° CGood chemical resistance, Thin wall insulation due to good electrical properties. Good flexibility.
ETFE-150° C to 150° CMechanically tough.
XL ETFE-150° C to 250° CGood electric insulation, radiation resistance, ARC tracking and cold flow.
PEEK-160° C to 250° CMechanically very tough. High temperature and radiation resistance
Kapton Tape-250° C to 300° CVery thin wall insulation. High temperature resistance.
Silicon Rubber-40° C to 180° CFlexible and abrasion resistance
Ceramic Yarn / Quartz Yarn Braiding600° CBad conductivity & heat and high temperature resistance.
ScreeningIndividual and / or overall with following options –
– Aluminum Mylar / Copper Tape with Tinned Copper Drain Wire or
– Braided with Bare or Tinned or Nickel Plated or Silver Plated Copper
ArmouringSteel Galvanised wire, stainless steel wire, high strength steel wire braiding
StandardsJSS 51034, JSS 51038, UL 1581

Industry & Applications

SteelCables for blast furnace, electric arc furnace, hot & cold rolling
mills, steel refining faciliaties etc.
CommunicationHigh frequency cp-axial cables for VHF, UHF and XHF transmission
MarineEngine proximity wiring for good resistance to high temperatures,
fuel oils, chemicals, saline air / water etc.
PetrochemicalInstrumentation & control, temperature sensing, fire warning etc.
PowerIn proximity to the turbines,boilers, ash handling etc.


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