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CRD and Trailing Cables

Thermo Cables specializes in the production of high-quality CRD (Control and Reeling Drum) and trailing cables, which fall within the material handling cables category. Specifically engineered for deployment in conveyor machinery, these cables play a pivotal role in various industrial applications such as transfer cars, boom-stackers, side arm chargers, bulk material conveyors, and more. Their CRD and trailing cables are designed to meet the stringent demands of conveyor machinery, ensuring efficient and seamless operation.
These specialized cables find widespread application in key industry segments, including Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Docks, Power Plants, Automobile Industries, and Refineries and Petrochemicals. Their versatility makes them indispensable in enhancing operational efficiency and reliability in dynamic material handling environments across a spectrum of industrial settings.

Single cable comprising multiple elements like power cores, control
cores, signaling pairs, etc for multipurpose functions.
Voltage Grade 600 / 1100 V AC
Class-5 flexible tinned or bare copper
Insulation EPR
Screening Tinned or bare copper wire braid
Inner Sheath HOFR- Elastomer
Anti Kink Braid Fabric braid embedded between inner and outer sheath
Outer Sheath HOFR Elastomer
Features Designed to withstand continuous reeling and unreeling
Sheath materials that have a high degree of flex fatigue resistance
Excellent heat, oil and fire resistant properties
Operating Temperature -20° C to +90° C
Test Voltage 2500 V AC
Bending Radius 10 D
Core Marking 1-5 cores colour coded as Green / Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey or
Coloured Rubberised cotton tapes. 6 cores and above with numbered
cores, with one earth core of Green / Yellow.
Standards IEC-60228, IEC-60502, IEC-60332

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