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Marine / Shipboard Cables

DEF STAN-02-526 (NES 526) and DEF STAN-02-527 (NES 527)

Explore our marine shipboard cables standardized DEF STAN-02-526 (NES 526) and DEF STAN-02-527 (NES 527), meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of maritime environments. Tailored for deployment onboard surface ships, submarines, and crafts, these standards set the benchmark for excellence in power, control, lighting, communication, and instrumentation circuits. What sets these standards apart is their versatility – they are adept at handling both fire survival and non-fire survival scenarios. This means you can rely on them for critical applications where fire safety is paramount or for general use where this specific characteristic may not be a primary concern. Embrace the assurance of quality and reliability that comes with DEF STAN-02-526 and DEF STAN-02-527, ensuring that your power, control, lighting, and communication and instrumentation circuits meet and exceed the stringent standards required for naval operations. Trust in these standards to provide the durability and performance necessary for the demanding and dynamic environments present on surface ships, submarines, and crafts.

Construction Single Core, Multi Core, Multi Pair & Triad, Unscreened or Individually
Screened or Collectively Screened, Limited Fire Hazardous Sheathed Cables.
Voltage Grade 440 V AC
Conductor Circular Electroplated, Annealed Tinned Copper
Temperature Range -30° C to + 105° C
Insulation Dual Layer of Gp5 and LFH Material / Silicone Rubber
Screening Annealed Tinned Copper Braid.
Outer Sheath LFH Elastomeric Compound
Protective Barrier Glass Braid / Lacquer, Mica Glass Tape to meet the fire performance applicable for DEF STAN-02-527 (NES 527)

IEC 60092 – 350, 353, 360 & 376, BS6883, BS 7917

Construction Single Core, Multi Core, Single, Multi Pair, Multi Triad and Quad Screened & Unscreened, Armoured & Unarmoured
Voltage Grade
150 / 250 V and 600 / 1000 V AC
Conductor Electroplated Annealed Bare / Tinned Copper of various classes.
Temperature Range -15° C to 95° C
Insulation XLPE / EPR / HEPR, HF 90/ S 95
Screening Al-mylar Tape along with Drain Wire / ABC or ATC Braiding
Inner Sheath SHF1 / SHF2 / SH / SF
Outer Sheath SHF1 / SHF2 / SH / SF
Braid Armouring Bare Copper / Tinned Copper / GI Wire Braid with >90% coverage


High Temperature Cables are used in areas where both working temperature and ambient temperatures are too high. They are made with a wide range of conductors, insulating materials and screening materials depending on the temperatures and conditions under which the cable has to perform.

Construction Single Core high temperature hook-up wires & Multi Core / Multi Pair, Screened / Unscreened and Armoured / Braided Cables.
Voltage Grade
250 V AC, 600 V AC & 1000 V AC (Rating as per MIL 16878, VDE, DIN, ANSI)
Insulation Materials PTFE / FEP / PFA / PEEK / ETFE / XL-ETFE / Silicone Rubber / Varnished Fibre Glass Braid

Electron Beam Cross Linked ETFE (XL-ETFE), a type of Thermoset Insulation, provides excellent fluid / oil / moisture resistance also creates increased stability at higher temperatures. Wires and Cables conforming to MIL-W-22759 / 32-35 & 41-46 and MIL-STD-2223.

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