Power Cables for Diesel Electric Locomotives

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Power Cables sizes AWG1 and larger for various types of Diesel Electric Locomotives

Power cables with sizes AWG1(American Wire Gauge) and larger are utilized in Railways for various types of Diesel Electric Locomotives. These cables are constructed using a thermosetting, flame-retardant, and oil/grease-resistant compound. Additionally, they are designed to resist moisture, caustic cleaning solutions, high ambient temperatures, electrical overload conditions, abrasion, cut-through, compression, and crush forces. Moreover, these cables are engineered to exhibit low smoke and acid gas generation, ensuring optimal performance and safety in diverse and challenging operational environments.

Specification EDPS 304
Temperature Range -70° C to 130° C
Cable Type Single core power cables
Voltage Grade 600 V to 2100 V
Conductor Annealed tinned copper (class 5)
Insulation Thermosetting flame retardant compound
Application For use within the power distribution of diesel electric locomotives and other heavy duty industrial equipment with variable duty cycle

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