Special Navy Cables

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Special Navy Cables

VG 952 18 Part 61 – 66 – Power Navy Cables, Light Power Navy Cables, Telecommunication Navy Cables, Light Telecommunication Navy Cables

Construction Multicore Cables, Multi Pair Cables Unscreened or Individually Screened or Collectively Screened (Optional GI braided armoured) Limited Fire Hazard Sheathed.
Conductor Circular Annealed Bare Copper conductor.
Insulation EPR / HEPR as per relevant spec.
Screening Annealed Tinned Copper Braid, Individually Screened or Collectively Screened as per relevant spec.
Outer Sheath LFH Elastomeric Thermoset Compound
Temperature Range -30º C to +90º C
Application For Use on board surface ships and crafts and power, control, lighting, submarines for communication and instrumentation circuits.

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